Trinity Christian

Parent Organizations

The Trinity Parents’ Association (TPA)

TCS has always had as one of its core foundations the involvement of parents and families in the life of the school.  While parents have always been involved in the different aspects of TCS, we have not always had a formalized program to both introduce and sustain parents in the many ways they help.  A few years back, several parents were asked to join the beginnings of what we are now introducing as the Trinity Parents’ Association (TPA). We desire your participation in the TPA.  Together we can be used by the Lord to do all that He intends for the joining together of the TCS Staff and all the families involved at TCS.

The TPA has three foundational areas into which parents can become involved.  We believe that these three areas cover some of the integral parts to the support and development of TCS both now and into the future.  The following is a summary of the current TPA areas:

-          Teacher Appreciation – this is listed first as we, as parents, have a deep desire to let our teachers know how valuable and appreciated they are to us and our children.  We desire to show tangible ways of appreciation through teacher luncheons, teacher appreciation days, the annual “Thanks For Giving Celebration”, and in general support of the activities within the classroom.

-          Existing Families – we never want our existing families to be left behind as to the direction and activities of the school.  The school has a wide variety of methods of both informing and educating our TCS families.  This group will work hard to keep our current families tied in closely with all that is TCS.

-          Connections Program (New Families) – each year TCS has numerous new families that are introduced into our system.  We want to do all that we can to both educate and extend the hand of fellowship to them.  This group will reach out to those families and make their transition as smooth as possible.




The TCS Parent Leadership Council (PLC) was formed to develop communication between the leadership and the families at TCS.  In addition, the School Board and Administration desire to have both insight and feedback into the direction and guidance of the school.  They know and believe that the parents are willing and desire to give their unique insight and help in order to accomplish all that God desires for TCS.

The PLC is made up of five people that represent the families of TCS.  The terms for the PLC are to be 3 year terms.  The current members are Dr. James St. Clair, Philip Riewe, Dr. Holly Reeves, and Allison Smith.